One Footed


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Adrian Loera
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Adrian Loera Great songs, catchy melodies, smooth production. Great album all around! Favorite track: One Footed.
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released March 7, 2016

Tracks 1, 4, 5, 6, 7, & 11 written by Grahm Robinson
Tracks 2, 3,8, 9, & 10 written by Grahm Robinson & Gunnar Ebeling
Recorded and mixed by Grahm Robinson
Mastered by David Willingham

Released on limited cassette via Olympic Dreams Records on 3/7/16



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MAH KEE OH Denton, Texas

two rhythm section dudes attempting to play guitar and make songs together

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Track Name: Chasing The Sun
drive for miles and miles, don't waste any time
from coast to coast I need to see with my own eyes
everyday a new experience awaits
thriving on change, I wouldn't have it any other way
chasing the sun into an everlasting horizon
listen to your heart and your dreams will follow
the southern heat, the icy north, places untouched
concrete jungle, sandy beaches between my toes
and after all of the time that I've spent in hiding
I can't help but feel like I'm missing something
Track Name: Follow The Leader
follow the leader and just keep your mouth closed
careful not to violate the dress code
make sure to eat your fruits and vegetables
notice the fog
don't assume what you don't know
a beast is lurking in the shadows behind you
follow the leader, keep your mouth closed
you know, you always do exactly as your told
realize that you've become so shallow
fouled out but you still can't make free throws
follow the leader, keep your mouth closed
Track Name: One Footed
I'm holding on
hanging by a thread
my palms are gonna sweat
I'm on the edge
don't wanna lose my grip
my foot is gonna slip
falling down, little dots dance around like ants on the mound
they're growing now
I'm closer to the ground
a comet crashing clown
here it comes
I'm bracing for the fall
I've never felt so small
I touch down
hit the bottom
there's nowhere to look now but up
I'm one footed
Track Name: Someday
knock on the door and ask for me
we'll spend the day walking in the streets
lets tye-dye shirts and eat ice cream
paint me a picture of an autumn tree
I know that we will never part ways
together we lay on the concrete
to stare at the night sky side by side
I hope that we will never part ways
and if you say, lets go our separate ways
I'll try not to let it get me down
cause after all
you'd be upset by now
Track Name: Running In Place
poke out my eyes and breath deep
fall to my knees drastically
I beg you please, don't take my dignity
awake me from this dream to save my restless mind
the trouble with nightmares, they trap you in your thoughts
forcing you to fear your own existence
try to escape but I'm running in place from myself
Track Name: Loss Aversion
how have you held my buttons down for so long
must be your sinking spells
and I've had enough of you so
don't say my name every time you roll the dice
don't call my name every time I say goodbye
how have you spent your precious mulligans
flip a coin and decide, your face down in the dirt this time so
don't say my name every time you roll the dice
don't call my name every time I say goodbye
Track Name: Walking Backwards
my black jeans, they're worn out in the knees
I feel the breeze
hardcore tee, some band in the 80s
they're okay to me
go ahead and talk all you want
I know I'm a fool for faking but
sometimes I feel like walking backwards
cause it seems so straight forward to me
it's a strange philosophy
take a drag, don't let them drive you mad
they're all the same
cut some slack, just sit back and relax
mah kee oh is lame
bitter attitude toward you, do you really think I care at all